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The first time I tried it on it hit me that this thing is the new paradigm for camera straps. The traditional camera strap, by comparison, is archaic... ...Once you try it on, you will never go back to those dorky straps again.

This strap is ideal for street photography shooters or going to an show/event such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed. - any place where a lot is going on and you need your camera quickly. Lensloop market the strap as “The smarter strap” and we're inclined to agree. It's effectiveness is in its simplicity. There's loads of room to get the camera up to your eye quickly to take a shot and the strap is variable in length for all people of all heights.



Rob. W. - Kickstarter

The design, materials and construction are vastly superior to anything on the market today...and I mean EVERYTHING! From the supple 2" wide seat belt webbing to the nickel plated steel hardware, everything is top drawer through and through...even the sewn in LensLoop 1st edition tag is better than typical commercial quality. Assembly is precise and clearly above the level of anything coming out of China. This is clearly an American made product...wear it proudly!

5/5 The Lens Loop is a stylish and functional camera strap. When carrying a large lens (such as the Nikon 80-200, weighing 1.3Kg) it transfers the weight to your shoulder rather than your neck. The quality of all the materials is superb, this is not made from inferior components, feeling excellent in the hand.



After shooting event after event after portrait session after street photography session after event it has still stood up to time and functions perfectly still.

Should photojournalists get a Lens Loop? Yes yes and yes. I don’t need to say more.     

Mom and Camera

Enter The Lens Loop. Totally hands free and doesn’t cause ANY neck strain.     


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