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  • The Mikey (Extra Camera Connectors)

Below is the video describing the first generation of Lens Loop that crowdsourced our launch in July of 2011.

During that campaign, 450 photographers from 16 countries pre-ordered Lens Loops to help make our first production run a reality.

We're now using an improved camera connector called the Mikey and offering straps in a number of new colors, but the original idea of a comfortable, durable, and elegant camera strap that's made in the USA and sold at a fair price continues to define our company and its products.

The Mikey (Extra Camera Connectors)

$7.95 USD
Camera Connector


Includes one Mikey Camera Connector. 

Lens Loop Camera Straps are available in Navy, Burgundy, Olive, or Extra Large


  • The Mikey is machined from solid 302-series surgical stainless steel and includes a synthetic rubber gasket and stainless steel split ring.
  • The Mikey can securely hold up to 60 pounds of camera gear and was designed to prevent disconnects in three ways.

Detailed Description:

  • When compressed, the thick rubber gasket pushes the threads of the tripod screw against the threads of the tripod socket, locking them in place.
  • Because the gasket is very soft, there is a considerable about of friction created between the face of the screw and the underside of the camera, also preventing it from coming undone.
  • The use of a pivoting split ring allows the Mikey to retain a very low profile while allowing the strap to move freely relative to the camera. This provides an extra degree of freedom that prevents the screw being forced open.
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