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  • Classic Black Camera Strap / Camera Sling
  • Classic Black Camera Strap / Camera Sling
  • Classic Black Camera Strap / Camera Sling
  • Classic Black Camera Strap / Camera Sling

Below is the video describing the first generation of Lens Loop that crowdsourced our launch in July of 2011.

During that campaign, 450 photographers from 16 countries pre-ordered Lens Loops to help make our first production run a reality.

We're now using an improved camera connector called the Mikey and offering straps in a number of new colors, but the original idea of a comfortable, durable, and elegant camera strap that's made in the USA and sold at a fair price continues to define our company and its products.

Classic Black Camera Strap / Camera Sling

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Seat Belt Camera Strap


Includes one Lens Loop camera strap with black seatbelt webbing, antiqued brass plated steel hardware and one Mikey Camera Connector

Also available in Burgundy, Olive, or Extra Large.



  • Lens Loop camera slings take the weight of a camera off of the photographer's neck and rest it on his shoulder.
  • The camera is kept safe and out of the way at hip level when not in use, and slides effortlessly to ready to take a shot.

Detailed Description:

  • Made from high quality automotive seat-belt webbing
    • 2" Wide
    • Won't fade, stretch or fray
  • Mikey Camera Connector machined from solid 302 stainless steel and securely holds up to 60 pounds of gear.
  • No seams, folds, or hardware on the inside surface to get snagged on clothing.
  • There is no bulky shoulder pad to slide out of position or get in your way.
  • Can be worn under coats or backpack straps.
  • Hardware made from top-quality steel, with attractive, industrial-grade finishes.
  • Rolls up compactly for storage in a camera bag.
  • Made with pride in the USA
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